Contemporary art and project space, Window, exists in two states: in its physical location in The University of Auckland's General Library Foyer, and in the dedicated Online space which runs a complementary programme.  Hosting shows that are both internally curated and generated by our collaborators, Window aims to showcase a diverse range of ambitious and engaging projects, artistic or otherwise. Window is currently run by Henry Babbage, Rebecca Boswell and Henry Davidson. 

Window was founded by Stephen Cleland, Michelle Menzies, and Luke Duncalfe; three students from Elam School of Fine Arts. The idea for the space arose from the sense that Elam and its attendant art community was isolated from and inaccessible to larger audiences. The project sought to address this introspectiveness by creating a situation where artists, writers, academics, engineers – anyone with a good idea – could display works and interact with audiences.

This objective has seen a series of subtle revisals since Window’s beginnings, as successive generations of curators at the helm have influenced the direction the Window project has taken. Although the project is permanent, it was anticipated from the outset that it would adapt and evolve, to maintain relevance for audiences as well as those who run it.  The beauty of this is that the project outlives the involvement of its initiators or the set of people running it at any given time. 

Window curatorship is a voluntary position, and each group of curators was selected by its predecessors, following a call for applications. Window is administered under the umbrella of the National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries (NICAI), and is supported by the resources, both human and financial, of The University of Auckland.


Henry Davidson / 2012 - Present
Henry completed his MA in Visual and Material Culture at Massey University, Wellington. During 2010-2011 he volunteered and interned at Enjoy Public Art Gallery. His writing and research focuses on artefacts and experiences from the everyday and their relationships with contemporary art. 

Henry Babbage / 2012 - Present
Henry completed his BFA(Hons) at Elam in 2011. Currently, he tutors design to undergraduates at Whitecliffe, co-directs a new gallery space, Gloria Knight, in Auckland's Wynyard Quarter, and continues with his art and design practices.

Rebecca Boswell / 2011 - Present
Rebecca completed her BFA(Hons) in 2010. Currently finishing a BA majoring in Sociology; she continues her own art practise and an interest in social and cultural theory.


Alex Davidson / 2011 - 2012
Alex completed her Honours year at Elam in 2010, and recently graduated with a BA/BFA (Hons), majoring in Philosophy. Alex is the curatorial assistant at Artspace in Auckland for 2012/13.

Melanie Bell / 2010 - 2012
Melanie completed her BFA (Hons) at Elam in 2009, where her final presentation was based in painting and video. In 2011 she worked as an intern at Art News magazine. She now works as a digital project manager.

Sue-Li Tasker Yeo / 2009 - 2012
Sue-Li completed a BFA(Hons)/BA in 2009. She works as an academic assistant for students with disabilities.

Nell May / 2008 - 2010
Nell is a freelance graphic designer, and primarily collaborates with artists and creative institutions. She completed her masters degree at Elam School of Fine Arts in 2011 and currently lives in Germany. As of 2012 Nell co-edits the project platform Elevatorcopy alongside Auckland based artist Taarati Taiaroa.

Mythily Meher / 2008 - 2010
Mythily's writings on art and film have been published in exhibition catalogues and online magazines. She currently pursues postgraduate studies in Anthropology at The University of Auckland.

Anna Parlane / 2008 - 2009
Anna was the 2009/2010 Marylyn Mayo Intern at the Auckland Art Gallery, where she is now an assistant curator. Anna completed an Honours degree in Museums and Cultural Heritage in 2009.

Ashleigh Kilmartin / 2007 - 2009
Ash graduated with a BFA (Hons)/BA from Elam School of Fine Arts in 2008, and has studied Arts at the University of Auckland and the University of Melbourne. She plans to continue making art, and at the moment is focusing on sculpture and writing as the basis for her practice. Her recent exhibitions include Architecture for the Nation, Artspace, Auckland, Unforseen Employment with Charles Ninow at the George Fraser Gallery, Auckland. She's also working on projects to be realised in Christchurch and Melbourne.

Sam Rountree-Williams / 2007 - 2008
Sam mostly makes art. He also writes about art and curates exhibitions. He is a founding member of Newcall Gallery, and is the editor of a small critical journal, Matters.

Luke Munn / 2006 - 2008
Luke graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts, producing award-winning interactive work for Schweppes, HP, Nike and The Edge as well as more alternative projects for a punk band, fashion designers and a psychologist. Current projects include sound art collaborations, a pop EP, an architectural website, an interactive search/mapping tool, and a videogame about waiting for a bus.
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Sarah Hopkinson / 2006 - 2007
After graduating from a BFA/BA in 2006, Sarah co-founded Gambia Castle - a gallery co-operative in Auckland. From 2007-2008 she taught Contemporary Art and Theory in The University of Auckland's Art History Department and she currently works as gallery manager at both Gambia Castle and Michael Lett. Sarah is also a freelance writer and her work has been published in various art magazines and artist books.

Luke Duncalfe / 2002 - 2006
Luke has contributed to art events in Auckland and shown work in the ICECA New Media Festivals in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Rencontres Internationales in Paris and Berlin, and Prix Ars Electronica in Linz. He worked as a part-time tutor at Auckland University of Technology in Visual Arts from 2003-2005 and is currently employed as a developer, programming in Ruby and PHP at The University of Auckland.

Michelle Menzies / 2002 - 2006
Michelle was a founding member of Window. She has a BFA in Intermedia & Time Based Arts from the Elam School of Fine Arts, The University of Auckland. Her art practice, based in film and photography, is conceptually preoccupied with light, time and the representation of phenomenological experience. She moved to the U.S. in 2006 and is currently a doctoral student in the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Chicago, where her dissertation research – focused on twentieth-century aesthetics and media archaeology – considers the category of digital aesthetics.

Stephen Cleland / 2002 - 2006
An initial founder of Window, Stephen designed the Onsite structure in 2003 in consultation with Terry Insley from architecture firm Warren and Mahoney. He co-curated the first three and a half years of the exhibition programme at Window and is currently is currently Curator at Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts.

Sam Ostermann / 2002
Sam is an artist with a sculptural and photographic practice. Current projects include an experimental record label called Ἔφορος, a photographic monograph entitled A-Z and a Text-Image project called The Antipodies. He is part of the Cross Street Collective.