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Onsite /
Bepen Bhana
What Would We Do Baby, Without Us?

Online /
Jeanette Hayes, Daif King, Matthew Linde, Dora & Maja, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Zackary Steiner-Fox 
Curated by Rose Quartz
That Can Be My Next Status

Onsite /
Blaine Western & Nell May
Small Fragments of War Enshrined in Everyday Life

Online /
James Wylie
Grab All You Can,

Onsite /
Daniel Betham & Lauren Redican, Jason Post

Online /
Michael Lee, Glenn Otto & Zak Penney, Ashlin Raymond & Mark Wundercastle, Christopher L. G. Hill, Virginia Overell

Onsite /
Ben Clement & Bob van der Wal
Be seen, be effective!

Onsite /
Alexandra Savtchenko-Belskaia
Sculpture Court

Online /
Toshi Endo
False Colour

Onsite /
Tao Wells and Dick Whyte
The Happy Bene - The Movie

Online /
Tao Wells
The Mechanical Canary in the Gold Mind - Ad 1

Ilam Campus Gallery /
Ben Clement and Eleanor Cooper, with a selection of artist books by Xin Cheng, Eleanor Cooper, Anya Henis, Joseph Nerney and James Kevin Wylie

Onsite /
Johl Dwyer
Green Terrace

Online /
Sophie Bannan, Ben Clement, Rhen Dodd, Oscar Enberg, Robert Fraser, Joseph Nerney, Jodie Salmond, Agnes So, Ben Tankard, Matthew Ward, Rose Wei, Rosealee Wells, James Wylie, Caspar Zika
Curated by Sophie Bannan and Bridget Riggir

Expatriate Consolation Relations

Onsite & Online /
Eleanor Cooper, Emil Dryburgh, Ruby Read
Acid Rain

Onsite /
Thank you for my budy matisse

Online /
Bacho Gogolashvili
The Gaps (Outer and Inner)